What was once the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway, servicing the north by way of steam engine and coal tender, is today Ontario Northland, a modern rail operation with heavy diesel equipment. With a history spanning more than 100 years, branding has evolved, so when TWG was asked to create a new locomotive logo careful consideration and sensitivity was given to corporate history and culture pertaining to rail operations.


A lot of pondering went into providing a look that was respectful of the history of Ontario Northland logos. A look that was decidedly rail oriented and one that would stand out for the public as highly recognizable and clearly ONR, so TWG Staff produced a looked based on the unstacked Ontario Northland logo.


TWG worked in close collaboration with Ontario Northland ensuring our creative thoughts were securely coupled. With our thinking on parallel tracks we got down to establishing a clear train of thought and soon we were all aboard and moving ahead. The final design is clean and contemporary, with colour choices directly in keeping with Ontario Northland brand guidelines. Ontario Northland applied the new look in their own state of the art paint shops within their Refurbishment Division.


The new look loco logo has not only been highly praised by Ontario Northland employees and management but by an even more critical group, train buffs. People who love the trains and monitor everything rail oriented have agreed the new loco logo for Ontario Northland is definitely on the right track.